Constructions sites, whether big or small, contain a lot of moving parts. Crews are on site coordinating projects, while workers are transporting heavy materials, using heavy machinery, or operating equipment from basic carpentry tools such as saws and hammers, to heavy duty cranes, cement mixers and dump trucks. There is little room error.

Conditions on busy construction sites can be dangerous and hazardous with loud noises and heavy dust levels in the air. Despite the complications of this environment, clear and reliable communication is vital to the success of each job. The need to ensure safety while coordinating a large, mobile workforce of foremen, workers, and sub-contractors demands the use of communication equipment that can save time, create more productivity and, above all,  improve workplace safety.

Here are five benefits of using two-way radio to improve communications and safety on the job site:

  1. Easy to Use
    With Motorola two-way radios, construction crews can instantly communicate with a simple push of a button. They are simple to operate, decreasing incidents of distraction by keeping workers and heavy duty operators focused on the job at hand. The result is instant communications for increased productivity, decreased distractions, and improved job safety.
  2. Durable
    Motorola two-way radios are commercial-grade quality and purpose-built to meet military standards, making them reliable enough for use on construction sites of any size. They are less likely to crack or break when dropped.  Two-way radios also IP rated to withstand severe weather conditions and harsh work environments like those in construction, including exposure to or submersion in water.  Dirt, dust, and drops are no match for these radios. They are also designed with long battery life for long work shifts.   There are a number of radios available that live up to the harsh environment of construction sites.  With four channels, four watts of transmit power, and a powerful speaker that can overcome high levels of noise, the Motorola CP200d remains one of the most popular two way radios in the construction industry.
  3. Clear Audio
    Having clear and reliable communications on the construction site is vital for productivity and worker safety.  With heavy equipment being operated and multiple projects going on at once, the construction site can be loud. Motorola two-way radios are designed specifically for these types of conditions. They offer built-in features that suppress or eliminate background noises when a radio user pushes to talk.  The Intelligent Audio feature is available on certain models which will automatically adjusts the radio volume up and down depending on the noise level in the work environment. They reduce wind noise and allow resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and wet conditions, thus improving the safety and productivity of  workers.
  4. Extended Battery Life
    Construction workers often put in long hours.  They must have access to reliable communications with power to last throughout extended work shifts.  Motorola two-way radios are commercial-grade and offer flexible battery options and recharging capabilities allowing workers to always stay in touch when they need to.
  5. Private and Group Talk Groups
    Motorola two-way radios offer one-to-one and group-wide push-to-talk communications for instant and reliable communications. Each construction site presents its own unique challenges and work conditions.  With so many moving parts, the ability to effectively coordinate activities and communicate critical details to workers is vital for improved productivity and worker safety.

With the push of a button, you can coordinate activities and share information with all workers, a private group, or an individual on site for safety and the overall success of the project.  

Don’t know where to start?

Check out the Motorola MOTOTRBO CP 200d Portable Two-Way Radio. This simple and affordable model connects your workforce efficiently and has the flexibility to grow with your business. We also recommend the Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series Portable Two-Way Radios. These next-generation digital radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization.


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